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Rebel Invasion {IZ} Chapter Six
Zim stopped before they reached the room again, and sat down on a seat in defeat. He so wanted to tell Yin how he felt, but knew that he just couldn't do it. He didn't want to be laughed at or rejected. But most of all, he didn't want to lose her friendship. As he thought about it, he realised that it was more than that - he didn't want anything to change. He loved their play-fights and fun arguments. His heart beat faster when she complimented one of his plans or thanked him, but it only meant so much because she usually didn't praise him at all. And he liked it that way. He enjoyed the banter, and he'd miss it terribly. Of course he wanted to tell her how he felt, but not quite yet. Perhaps after the mission, or Operation Impending Doom II altogether. He didn't want to rush it, not at all. Plus... what if she didn't even want the same thing? It made his heart ache, but he knew that there was a huge chance that she wouldn't even want to be with him. She might even love someone else!
:iconrainbow--dash--mlp:Rainbow--Dash--MLP 1 3
Character Balance Sheet by Rainbow--Dash--MLP Character Balance Sheet :iconrainbow--dash--mlp:Rainbow--Dash--MLP 0 0
Rebel Invasion {IZ} Chapter Five
Technetium smiled at Yin, who walked into the room, "Yin! How happy I am to see you!"
Yin smiled weakly, then looked embarrassed and let go of Zim's wrist. Zim blinked, staring at Technetium in confusion.
Yin rolled her eyes at him and walked forward.
"Are you okay? What happened? You stopped transmitting."
"I had passed out. . . Apparently my body gave out during an argument." Technetium answered.
Yin's eyes widened, worry shining in her blue eyes. She sensed Zim walk up beside her and he stood still. She stole a glance at him to see mild concern in his features.
LardNar who had been leaning on the wall, now walked over and sat on the bed next to Technetium, "As long as she stays out of stress, she'll be fine."
Yin nodded, sympathy and worry overwhelming her. She tried to push it down - if Technetium checked her thoughts, she might get stressed.
LardNar patted Technetium's head softly, "I'm glad you have people to worry about you. Knowing how your leaders are."
Technetium smiled at hi
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Rebel Invasion {IZ} Chapter Four
Years had passed, and Technetium kept her promise. She contacted Yin pretty much every day. But suddenly her transmissions stopped.
Yin's antennae lay flat against her head as she saw the Angry Monkey Show. She glared at GIR for a moment, then turned and walked into the kitchen. As she neared the bin, she realised she hadn't received word from Technetium lately.
'Hello? Anyone there? Technetium?'
Nothing. As she headed down to the lab, her concern grew. When had they stopped? She hadn't kept track. But Technetium always spoke to her! Was something wrong? She swallowed, her breath quickening. By the time she reached the floor she was going to, she was quite worried. She was good at that - working herself up. She saw Zim and hesitated, not sure if she wanted to talk to him right now. In all the years they'd been on the spinning ball of dirt that was Earth, she'd never told him about her conversations with Technetium in her mind, mostly because he was sometimes a little sensitive about an
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Rebel Invasion {IZ} Chapter Three
Technetium climbed into the small voot cruiser with Skoodge, who in turn stared at her a moment, "Are you feeling well? Do you need anything? If you want I can get you a pillow or something. Or would that be too much? I mean-"
"Skoodge please, the mission." Technetium sighed.
"Yes ma'am!" Skoodge saluted.
Yin stared at the Voot Cruiser for a moment, then hopped in, giggling when Zim squeaked in shock. She then sighed as GIR, Zim's stupid little SIR unit - which was clearly malfunctional - started screaming again. Her own SIR unit, a different colour but still not normal, then joined in. She groaned, slamming her head against the space in front of her. It would be a long, long day.
The voot cruiser started, and Technetium stared out the window, amazed.
"Have you ever been in a Voot Cruiser?" Asked Skoodge, as he watched her.
"No, never!" Exclaimed Technetium.
Zim started to work the controls and Yin watched, unimpressed. After a moment of him sitting looking confused, she rolled her eye
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This Day Armada {This Day Aria IZ parody}
My Little Pony's 'This Day Aria' - Zim style.
This day is going to be perfect
The kind of day of which I dreamed since I was small
Everybody will gather 'round
Say I look normal like them all
What they don't know is that I have a master plan!
This day was going to be perfect
The kind of day of which I dreamed since I was small
But instead of beating Zim
Dissecting him with some friends
My victory, I may not have it at all
I could care less about humans
I won't partake in their begging
Pity, well I'd be lying if I say
That through any kind of torture
I'll make sure it doesn't go far
The truth is I don't care for them at all
No I do not love the Earth
In my PAK there is no room
But I still want it to be all mine
Must escape before it's too late
Find a way to save the day
Hope, I'll be lying if I say
"I don't fear that I may lose Earth
To one who wants to use it
Not care for, love and cherish it each day"
For I oh-so love the Earth
All my stuff it does consume
:iconrainbow--dash--mlp:Rainbow--Dash--MLP 3 6
My Last Breath
My Last Breath ~ Evanescence:
Zim lay in the puddle, steam rising from him and raining pouring down around him. It burned and he longed to scream, but pain had silenced him long ago. Beside him lay Yin, her eyes closed and her breathing rapid. Burn marks covered her skin and it was obvious to him that she was in even more pain.
How they'd gotten there, he barely remembered through the white-hot pain. His memories played back, blurry. Running to get home before the storm broke out. Seeing her trip, trying to catch her but failing. The rain starting to pour down, paralysing her with the pain. His skin starting to hurt, starting to burn. Trying to get out of the rain but slipping on the sidewalk. Falling beside her, grabbing her hand to hold it tight.
Now they lay, side by side, slowly dying, each silently saying goodbye to life. He longed to live longer, to tell her how he felt and live each day with her. All h
:iconrainbow--dash--mlp:Rainbow--Dash--MLP 3 1
I'd never thoughts she'd do it. I never thought she'd leave me.
She'd been here for three long years with me, standing by my side the whole way. She told me that her ship wasn't repaired yet, and I'd always thought she was lying. Ships never took that long to fix. So when she said that one day she'd be leaving and going home, I hadn't believed her. Thought that she was simply fantasizing a fate she didn't want. Imagining it. How wrong I was.
A few months ago, she came to my door. Told me it was time. That she was finally going to leave this planet. I shrugged, then laughed quietly as she walked away, thinking it was just a joke. One that she'd confess to in the morning and we'd be talking about, laughing together. But that morning she didn't come to my door again, nor show up for school. I went to her house, but it was gone. Her base, disappeared. I panicked, then remembered what she'd said. Leaving, she'd meant it. That was her goodbye to me, and I'd laughed at it.
I haven't gone to s
:iconrainbow--dash--mlp:Rainbow--Dash--MLP 1 3
Rebel Invasion {IZ} Chapter Two
Technetium and Yin walked back to the food hall, deciding to eat lunch together.
Yin glanced at the other Irkens around them as they walked, wondering what position each held. She felt that most of the Irkens here probably were far more important than her, and that annoyed her.
'It's okay. You're the smartest one in this hall.' Technetium transmitted to Yin, noticing her discomfort.
Yin blinked, still not used to Technetium reading her thoughts, but then smiled.
"Thanks." She murmured, grateful for even just a little support.
"It's no problem." Technetium smiled.
Suddenly Technetium stopped and leaned on the wall, feeling horrible.
Yin stopped and glanced at her, worry in her gaze. "You okay?"
"Yeah, I am fine." Technetium whimpered.
Yin blinked. "You don't look it."
Technetium tried to stand up straight, to show that she was fine.
"See, I'm f-fine." She smiled, weakly.
Yin watched her for a moment, then gave a tiny nod, still not fully convinced.
Technetium then began to walk a
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Cutie Pie by Gray--Day Cutie Pie :icongray--day:Gray--Day 106 11 The Awesome One by Rambopvp The Awesome One :iconrambopvp:Rambopvp 224 10 The Dependable One by Rambopvp The Dependable One :iconrambopvp:Rambopvp 212 10 The Smart One by Rambopvp The Smart One :iconrambopvp:Rambopvp 167 10 The Yellow-Bit Road by ParallaxMLP The Yellow-Bit Road :iconparallaxmlp:ParallaxMLP 586 76 costumes magical girls FM comics (not final) by mauroz costumes magical girls FM comics (not final) :iconmauroz:mauroz 6,467 939 costumes magical girls FM comics R A F(not final) by mauroz costumes magical girls FM comics R A F(not final) :iconmauroz:mauroz 6,041 847 Kiss your Queen by Doctor-Kiba Kiss your Queen :icondoctor-kiba:Doctor-Kiba 40 16 CO :: Kurazora by Doctor-Kiba CO :: Kurazora :icondoctor-kiba:Doctor-Kiba 17 1 CO :: Dustykatt by Doctor-Kiba CO :: Dustykatt :icondoctor-kiba:Doctor-Kiba 11 5



This will be my last journal entry on this account. I am moving to Invader-Yin, where my art will soon be posted.


I am moving my My Little Pony art to it and will be posting more soon. I will start commissions on there if enough people want it. Any new Invader Zim art will be posted there. I hope to see you guys there. I might come on here occassionally, possibly post some art that I don't consider good enough, but want to post anyway. I'll come on here to see things from the people I'm watching.

My watchers, I hope that you follow me to my new account, and stay with me as I turn my art in a new direction. I've had a good run on this account, but now is the time to move on.

With you always,
Yin // Rainbow--Dash--MLP
Just finished watching MLP:FiM S03E06 'Sleepless in Ponyville'. Can I get a 'best episode ever'!
Let's look at the facts here and then decide if I am correct in calling it best episode.

◘ Luna had lines
◘ Loads of Rainbow and Scoots action
◘ Scoots clung to a cloud
◘ Scoots used her scooter loads
◘ Scary stories
◘ Sisterly action from Rarity and Sweetie Belle, and Applejack and Apple Bloom
◘ Rainbow SAVES Scoots
◘ Wing-hug
◘ Dream-world
◘ Rainbow Dash takes Scootaloo in as a sister

Yep, best episode. Ever.


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I absolutely love a few things things -- My Little Pony, Teen Titans, Littlest Pet Shop, The Penguins of Madagascar and INVADER ZIM!

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